A spectacular fire ravages a residential building in London




The flames have originated in a block of flats of six floors of recent construction in the neighborhood of Barking, in the east of the British capital

Building where the fire in London has been declared.

More than 100 firefighters have joined the task of extinction and rescue in a spectacular fire in Barking, in East London. The affected building is a six-story block of flats in De Pass Gardens, of recent construction. Residents were able to apparently leave the building using the fire escapes and the surrounding houses, connected by exterior corridors.

Despite the spectacular nature of the images, the police has not confirmed for the moment the existence of victims or people affected by the fire, which occurred at 3.30 local time (4.30 in Spain) and produced A large cloud of smoke over the British capital.

The terrible fire has occurred when they are Two years of the tragedy of the Grenfell tower, which killed 72 people on June 14, 2017, is about to be celebrated. The fire was caused by an electrical failure in a refrigerator and propagated quickly by the flammable material used in the facade cladding.

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