A spectacular phenomenon will reappear as if by magic



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Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 6:00 AM – One of the most spectacular phenomena observed in the universe involves a supernova, a star at the end of its life. One of them mystified scientists by suddenly disappearing. Guess what: she will reappear.


Very far from us

Einstein’s theory has further served the cause of science. Indeed, relativity is found at the center of a hypothesis put forward by researchers. This time around, a spectacular phenomenon has become a mystery to scientists. It is about a Supernova named Requiem, observed a few years ago and which completely disappeared in 2019. This star at the end of its life, by exploding, emits enough light to be observable by the Hubble telescope despite its very position. far from Earth. The gigantic Requiem explosion took place ten billion years ago!

Relativity again

Its disappearance is explained by a phenomenon called the gravitational lens effect. The MACS J0138 galaxy cluster – it can contain hundreds, possibly thousands, due to its colossal mass, causes light rays to bend. The gravitational force would be such that it could, a bit like a black hole, modulate space-time. In fact, the image provided by NASA shows Requiem in three different places as the light makes its way according to the curvature exerted by gravity. Scientists estimate that the supernova should reappear in 2037.

Source: NASA

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