A speedrunner can overcome Returnal in less than 5 minutes

Returnal is one of the most interesting proposals in the catalog of PS5 exclusives. The roguelike from Housemarque has meant a breath of fresh air to the genre and it has been a proposal that has attracted many players for its so satisfying mix of ingredients. By its nature of roguelike, is a video game that encourages replayability and the beat our own times. Due to these characteristics, it is also a perfect title for those who are dedicated to speedrun.

A speedrunner manages to overcome Returnal in less than 5 minutes thanks to his skills

Yesterday he speedrunner MentalToast established a new world record. I managed to overcome Returnal on less than five minutes, a figure that had not been reached until now. The gameplay from MentalToast draws attention for its mastery of mechanics, getting to overcome some of the more complicated sections of the game with a lot of grace and ease before the surprised eyes of the rest of the players. Keep in mind that to get to this video game mastery level many are required hours of practice, trial and error, so the achievement is fully deserved and laudable.

Beyond the ability I may have MentalToast at the controls of DualSense, has also noted some of the tricks to move faster and that maybe they can be of use to you. One of them is the so-called DMJ O Dash Melee Jump, which you can take a look at in the video below. It consists essentially of using a exact button combination for the character to move to much more speed and even with a certain elegance.

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Returnal is a more than interesting proposition if you are lucky enough to own a PS5, so if you haven’t gotten hold of the new title of science fiction and horror, our analysis will surely convince you. For those of you who already have it, have you tried to overcome the video game in the shortest time possible?


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