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Since the release of patch 1.1, players have access to Archon’s quest “A Star Approaches”. Find in this guide how to launch and complete it.

In Genshin Impact, players can complete many quests to advance either in the story or to get rewards by helping NPCs.

Among the quests related to the story, we find that of Archon ” A star approaching »Which is available since the release of patch 1.1 on the title of miHoYo.

How do I start and complete the Archon quest “A Star Approaching” in Genshin Impact?

To be able to access Archon’s quest ” A star approaching », You will first have to have completed the two previous Acts of Archon’s quests à Liyue, to know :

After finishing ” Farewell to Exuvia », you will automatically go to Act 3 that interests you if you have reached Adventure Rank 35. If this is not the case, you will therefore have to reach this level to receive it.

Once you get the quest you can go open the Paimon menu then click on ” Quests »Then click on the quest« A star approaching ” in the quest part of Archon and finally select on ” To follow To follow the first step of this mission.

It should be noted that this quest is relatively long and therefore we are not going to detail the complete solution for you. If you want to know all the steps and the solution, you can go to the page dedicated to this quest on Honey Impact.

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