a steel fence, black and finished in tip and other international news


The international reference media highlight on their covers the disposition of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, to present her resignation from the first week of June, if her Brexit agreement is rejected for the fourth time in the Chamber of the Common. Apart from this news, we reviewed some of the most relevant headlines this Friday, May 17, in the foreign press.

The Washington Post: the US head contains some of the ideas that President Donald Trump has for the wall he wants to build on the southern border. It will be a steel fence and not a concrete wall as promised for a long time. It will also be black so that it absorbs heat and burns potential immigrants who want to climb it. And the slats will end up on tip.

Foreign Policy: the magazine specialized in international politics affirms that in Africa, all jihad is local. The rush to link regional insurgent groups with the Islamic State could worsen the situation, as it leads to an ineffective counterinsurgency strategy, in part because it allows the kind of government abuses that fuel the recruitment of combatants into armed groups. .

The Guardian: The London newspaper exclusively reveals that a prominent Iranian military leader warned Iraqi Shiite militias in Baghdad, which are under Tehran's control, to prepare for a subsidiary war (known as "proxy war" in English). There is a fear that Iraq will become the battlefield between the United States. and Iran if the current escalation of tensions becomes an armed conflict.

Der Spiegel: the digital edition of the German weekly highlights that more than half of Germans are very interested in European elections, unlike the past occasions when the composition of the European Parliament was a matter of minor interest for the majority of the population.

Haaretz: The Israeli newspaper highlights a report that identifies for the first time the different positions held by member states of the European Union against the Israel-Palestine conflict, an ideological division that Netanyahu has always tried to exploit. For example: Hungary always blocks EU decisions critical of Israel, while Ireland is the country that most opposes Israeli policy.


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