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A storm of layoffs in sight, these 6 Indonesian companies have already happened!


The Storm of Termination (termination) is becoming more and more common in Indonesia. There are at least 6 newly announced companies termination employee.

According to detikcom records, in September alone there were three companies that fired their employees at the same time. Then in October, three more companies were added.

The following is a list of companies that have decided to lay off employees:

1. Shopee Indonesia

Shopee Indonesia is the first company to lay off its employees. The company announced in September 2022 yesterday. Related to many employees affected by this layoff.

Shopee has taken an efficiency measure in the form of releasing a number of employees on Monday 19 September. Shopee Indonesia’s Head of Public Affairs, Radynal Nataprawira, explained that with a heavy heart, Shopee Indonesia had to let go of a number of its employees.

Shopee is committed to providing support to employees affected by this policy. Severance pay will be given according to the law and regulations plus 1 month salary.

“This process will be carried out according to government regulations. Affected employees will receive severance pay in accordance with legal provisions and another 1 month of salary,” said Radynal.

2. Tokocrypto

After the announcement in Shopee Indonesia, after a few days Tokocrypto made massive layoffs. The startup company that opened a cryptocurrency trading platform fired 45 people.

Tokocrypto made changes in its business strategy, one of which reduced 20% of its total 225 employees or about 45 people. This was revealed by Tokocrypto’s VP of Corporate Communications, Rieka Handayani.

“The internal steps taken are to transfer some employees to business units that have become a different entity, namely T-Hub and TokoMall, adjusting the number of employees by approximately 20% of the 227 employees and taking into account the change in business focus,” said Rieka in a written statement, Wednesday, September 21 yesterday. .

3. Indosat

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchinson (IOH) laid off employees on Friday, September 23. He did not explain how many employees were fired, but what is clear is that Indosat claims that almost all of the fired employees received the severance package offered by the company.

The compensation package offered to employees is an average of 37 times the salary, and the highest is 75 times the salary, and significantly higher than the requirements of the applicable law.

“The rightizing initiative went well according to plan and was well received by most of the affected employees. The process is in line with existing laws and regulations and was carried out carefully, carried out objectively and fairly,” said Director & Chief Human Resources Officer of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, Irsyad Sahroni in a written statement.

Earlier in April 2020, Indosat also laid off 340 of its employees. Indosat chose to pay compensation to hundreds of fired employees, amounting to Rp 663 billion.

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