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LThe doctor, who asked that he and his clinic not be identified, said he called all the emergency rooms in Quebec on Thursday morning to inform them that his superclinic had availability to receive patients. “It didn’t work. I have a doctor who will have to leave ”, for lack of patients in the waiting room without an appointment, confided our interlocutor, who deplores that emergencies do not redirect their lower priority clientele to superclinics.

“I don’t understand why they don’t, especially when you know that there is a percentage of patients who leave the emergency room after a few hours of waiting without having been seen by a doctor. There are P4s and P5s that could certainly be seen in clinics and superclinics, but there are no links that are made, no protocol to reorient patients, ”denounces our source, according to whom a real collaboration with superclinics would reduce the pressure on emergencies.

“Most of the time, we are full […], but there are days when we have more resources and where we could see more patients ”, explains the doctor, who demands that a formal procedure be put in place in the emergency room to redirect patients with a minor medical condition , but nevertheless urgent.

No protocol

“It’s as if it was not their habit, perhaps for forensic fear, or because it takes time and resources to do it, that it’s complicated, I don’t know”, reflects our interlocutor.

At the CHUQ de Québec, we admit that we have no protocol to redirect patients classified as P4 or P5. “It’s one of the things that is being evaluated, but it’s not for tomorrow. To arrive at such a protocol, it would be necessary to set up very precise criteria “, underlines a spokesperson of the CHU of Quebec, Lindsay Jacques, adding that the establishment” has no project in this direction for the instant ”.

In the office of the Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, we endorse the idea of ​​our doctor. “Not only do we agree with this proposal, it is even what we are asking of the establishments”, said the minister’s attaché, Catherine W. Audet.

There are currently six superclinics in the capital that can accommodate patients with or without a family doctor, namely those of La Clinique Médicale Saint-Louis, La Cité Médicale, Le Mesnil Medical Center, Clinique Médicale des Promenades, Proactive Santé and MAclinique Lebourgneuf.

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