A surprise of a heavy caliber … a new source of Corona transmission!

Source: Dubai – Arabia.net

In time still The emerging virus Scientists elude and baffle scientists and hunt more victims around the world, and a recent study exploded a surprise about a method that is the first of its kind for the spread of Corona since the outbreak of the epidemic, according to what its supervisors believe.

This study is also based on a previous incident that occurred in China, where 6 people caught the virus from sewage water.

According to the study, which was published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, a bath tube that passed through the home of a couple infected with Corona in the Guangzhou region of southern China had a hole. And when it rained in the area, the hole flooded the streets with sewage water, which enabled the virus to infect nearby residents.

In addition, the team of researchers, which included scientists from public health departments in China, took throat swabs from 2,888 people in a community in the city of Guangzhou during the Corona outbreak, and collected samples from surfaces inside and around their homes. Then, the participants, who were divided into two groups, were asked to adhere to self-quarantine according to their proximity to the infected spouse.


After that, researchers discovered that 6 other people were infected Coronavirus Although they were living in a separate building next door and did not mix with the first group in the study.

The importance of wastewater management

They also examined the genetic makeup of the corona samples in the infected people, and found that the viruses that were found in the toilet match those that infected the six people, as well as with secondary cases that caught the virus through shoes and bicycle tires, according to the study.

In addition, the results highlight the importance of properly managing wastewater, especially in densely populated areas where hygiene and sanitation measures are poor, according to the study authors.

And recently, researchers said that sewage water could be an early indicator for detecting Corona outbreaks in a specific area.


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