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A tensile structure gymnasium is born in Ronchi

Municipal gyms in Ronchi dei Legionari. In the impossibility of building a new structure in a short time and, above all, to cope with the emergency, the municipal administration has decided to build a prefabricated structure built in the area of ​​the basic systems. A concrete and quick way to meet the needs of an ever wider audience. “We must consider – explained the mayor, Livio Vecchiet and the head of the technical service, Marco Portelli – that there are numerous sports associations in the city that use school gyms in a promiscuous form for school activities, following a precise protocol concerning the measures mandatory minimums to be applied for the purpose of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Today more than ever, we are required to secure both the motor activities of our schools and the activities carried out by the associations and this, in particular, by making additional spaces available for these activities, in accordance with the provisions of the health and safety protocol. to better deal with the ongoing epidemiological emergency situation “. Precisely for this reason it was therefore decided to set up a structure to be used as a gym, to be positioned above the outdoor basketball court within the school area. With a cost of 50 thousand euros, therefore, a tensile structure was rented, measuring 20×32.5 meters, fixed to the ground with both pegs and ballasts, complete with two doors with shatterproof glass and panic bar, led lighting with emergency light, white pvc side walls and diesel heater. Also including the rental supply and installation of fireproof wooden platform. It will remain in operation until next May. Today Ronchi dei Legionari can count on three municipally owned gyms.

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