A torrent network has been created that cannot be cracked or blocked.


, Text: Elias Kasmi

In the Netherlands, a fully decentralized Tribler torrent is being developed, working without central servers and therefore completely protected from state sanctions. Files for downloading can be searched directly in the application, and they are all divided into channels, the largest of which is dedicated to the Russian tracker RuTracker.

Unkillable torrent tracker

Specialists from Delft University of Technology (Holland) are developing an alternative torrent client, Tribler, which can neither be hacked nor blocked in any particular country. In other words, even the sanctions of Roskomnazor will not be afraid of him – even after their introduction Tribler will continue to work.

According to the founder and project manager of the professor Johanna Powellse (Johan Pouwelse), he initially sought to make a file hosting service protected from external factors. He managed to achieve this through complete decentralization, which most modern torrent systems do not have.

Tribler Application Interface

Johan Puvelse told the TorrentFreak profile resource that there is still a way to disable Trible. To do this, he noted, you just need to turn off the entire Internet.

How Tribler Works

Tribler exists in versions for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android and is distributed including open source. Developers post it in an open profile on the Microsoft-owned GitHub portal. By the principle of operation, it resembles the once popular eDonkey application – with its help, users can not only download files, as in uTorrent, but also search for them. Tribler has been under development since 2006, and is currently updated to version 7.5.1, released June 25, 2020.


Johan Puvelse, project founder

The absence of central servers eliminates the possibility of their blocking – information is searched without reference to indexing sites. This approach means that the Tribler network itself will exist as long as at least one user computer is connected to it.

In addition, the system, as planned by Johan Puvelse, has no moderators, which eliminates censorship. Even he himself does not have rights to delete materials. Nevertheless, a certain filtering of content on the network still exists, but users themselves are “responsible” for it – they can rate the distributions, which allows them to lower the ratings of distributions containing viruses or fake information.

Maximum Anonymity

Decentralization is the general principle of Tribler, which ensures network stability. Other factors are responsible for user safety – for example, in September 2014, Tribler introduced a built-in network of anonymizers.

This network, similar in principle to Tor, was launched by Tribler in early autumn 2014, initially in open testing mode. It appeared in version 6.3.1, but at first it allowed users to distribute only one 50-megabyte test file. In October 2014, developers removed all restrictions and launched the new feature at full capacity.

Anonymizer Network Scheme

Advanced security features have a certain negative impact on the operation of the tracker. Due to the same decentralization, the Tribler client can start slower in comparison with the same uTorrent, as it has to “poll” the computers of all users currently connected to the network. Also, in some cases, there may be a lower download speed (and upload) compared to “centralized” torrents.

Popular channels

Tribler network is divided into the so-called channels for more convenient search for the necessary information. According to TorrentFreak, in June 2020, the most popular channel in it was RuTracker unofficial, containing over 2 million torrents. It is directly related to the famous Russian torrent tracker RuTracker, forever blocked in Russia since November 2015 by decision of the Moscow City Court.

In terms of popularity and the number of RuTracker unofficial files, there are no equal

Despite being blocked in Russia, RuTracker unofficial is available to Russian Tribler users without any restrictions. Tribler also has other channels named after popular pirate sites: for example, YIFY, MVGroup and EZTV channels, as well as the NYAA torrent channel through which over 60 thousand files are distributed, are in demand.

These channels, like all others, will exist until users stop distributing content. They are in no way associated with the torrent trackers in whose name they are named, and even if the same RuTracker ceases to function, the RuTracker unofficial channel will remain, as well as access to the distributions.

RuTracker unofficial channel content

However, even after almost five years from the time of eternal blocking, RuTracker, formerly known as Torrents.ru, continues to function. Moreover, in November 2018, as CNews reported, he even launched a unique lock-bypass service that allows users to create personal full-featured copies of the tracker.


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