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A total of at least 480 storm reports in Zeeland – HVZeeland

By: Roland de Jong

MIDDELBURG – Until 9 am on Saturday morning, the Zeeland fire brigade dealt with at least 480 reports as a result of storm Eunice. The real number will be even slightly higher, the Zeeland Security Region (VRZ) expects.

The fire service’s control room received a total of 318 reports between Friday 00:00 and Saturday 09:00. Because of the crowds, the Fire Department also handled reports outside the control room. These 160 reports in total were reports that did not require urgent assistance, but where help from the fire brigade was required. In total, about 480 reports were received.

The real number of reports handled by the fire brigade is expected to be even higher, according to the VRZ. “The number of 480 does not include the reports that were handled by the fire stations themselves in the period when 112 was less accessible and people were advised to go to the nearest fire station themselves.” Calls that were handled in between when people were on their way from one report to another are also missing from the total. The Security Region expects to have a final overview next week.

Today and tomorrow will still be very windy forecast† For this reason, the Safety Region calls on those affected by storm damage to check whether calling the fire brigade is the right way to go. “The fire service receives a lot of calls that are not intended for the fire service. Many people call when they should actually be at the municipality or a contractor,” says the VRZ.

If there is an imminent danger, such as in the event of a collapse, 112 may be called. If there is no emergency, but the fire brigade is needed, you can call 0900-0904. This fire brigade number may be called if, for example, roof covering or facade panels come loose or a tree threatens to fall over the public road. If there is a tree in the roadside, it is better to call the municipality. If a tree falls in your own garden, you must take measures yourself, for example via a DIY company, gardener or contractor.

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Yesterday we already made an extensive overview with photos about the fire service deployments as a result of the messages from fire stations on their social media channels. You are reading this article here† Even now there are still regular storm reports. All current fire alarms can be found on P2000Zeeland.nl.

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Kees (20-2-2022 at 16:14)

Most people indeed call the fire brigade far too often in panic when they see a twig on the road that you can easily put aside yourself. IF there is an acute emergency, you may call 112, otherwise not. A tree across the road? Call the council. Or take a detour. Roof tiles or facade panels that come loose or a tree that threatens to fall 09900-0904 (fire brigade without emergency) It was even so bad that acute life-threatening cases could not be treated. A woman threatened to suffocate and became unconscious, but 112 was unreachable as a result. She barely made it. So there have been deaths by phone calls without emergency.

Foort de Rider (20-2-2022 at 14:58)

Calling the municipality on the weekend? Since when do they work there on Saturdays and Sundays?

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