A tragic loss of more than 7 billion British hedge fund managers committed suicide during the epidemic

The British “Daily Mail” reported that due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the market turbulence fund plummeted. A well-known British fund manager suspected of committing suicide due to excessive pressure.

Guy Rushton, 36, is a fund manager at Polar Capital, a British investment agency. He committed suicide at home in May last year. It was only early last year that he and his wife purchased a 3.5 million pound (about 140 million Taiwan dollars) manor in a village in Wiltshire, England.

Netease Finance reported that due to the black swan incidents such as the new crown epidemic, some traditional financial institutions have suffered huge losses in the past year, and financial industry players are also facing tremendous psychological pressure. According to the “London Financial News” survey of senior financial executives in February last year, 60% of people said that the new crown epidemic puts a lot of pressure on their lives, and 42% said that the new crown crisis and Brexit made them start to reconsider their career choices.

Polar Capital is an established British hedge fund. Its official website shows that as of the end of 2020, Polar Capital has 16 investment teams with a management scale of US$25.9 billion (approximately NT$751 billion).

Guy Rushton graduated from the University of Cambridge. In 2014, he initiated and founded the UK Absolute Equity Fund at Polar Capital. He has served as the sole manager of the fund in the past few years. According to Bloomberg’s data, the UK Absolute Equity Fund mainly invests in UK company stocks. Due to its outstanding performance after its establishment and the continuous improvement of its management scale, Guy Rushton also won the UK Fund Manager of the Year Award in 2017.

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Around 2020, Guy Rushton’s fund size has exceeded 450 million pounds (about 18 billion Taiwan dollars). Since then, due to market turmoil caused by the epidemic, the value of the fund has shrunk by more than 1/3 (about 180 million pounds).

As the new crown epidemic has brought a heavy blow to the global stock market, Guy Rushton has become stressed and anxious. According to his wife, on the one hand, due to the epidemic, Guy Rushton is anxious about the net value of the fund and the shrinking of the money he invested in the fund, and as the only fund of the fund Fund managers’ long-term inability to take vacations has also increased his pressure.

The unstable mental state prevented Guy Rushton from continuing to work. In April 2020, Polar Capital announced that Guy Rushton was unable to return to work due to illness and that the UK Absolute Equity Fund managed by him would be liquidated.

The doctor prescribed Guy Rushton antidepressant drugs. He tried to commit suicide in April 2020. On May 5, 2020, Guy Rushton received psychiatric treatment, but one day after 2 weeks, Guy Rushton just went out for a walk. He never came back, and the police found him dead in the barn of the manor.

Just the day before Guy Rushton’s death, he transferred a large sum of money to his wife’s account and left a will on Facebook, listing his wife as his heir to his property. (Financial Center/Report from Taipei)

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Suicide cannot solve the problem, but it leaves the family with immense grief. Please cherish life.

Give yourself another chance

Suicide Prevention and Relief Hotline: 1925 (24 hours)

Lifeline Talking Line: 1995

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