October 20, 2019

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A trapped man has led police to a high-speed chase near I-285

A man in prison is alleged to have given DeKalb County police a chase near I-285 in a stolen car.

Juandricus Bennett, 31, was arrested on Friday in connection with the incident, officials said.

Bennett arises from an investigation which began in Fulton County. Fulton police contacted authorities in DeKalb to assist suspects involved in tracing the armed robbery of some vehicles from a facility, said officials.

Investigators saw one of the stolen vehicles on Saturday near 3000 Court blocks Invemere Woods.

The authorities said Bennett was driving the stolen vehicle. When the police tried to pull it down, he left off, officials said.

DeKalb police met Bennett until he arrived in an embankment near I-285 and Glenwood Drive, the officers said. He was taken in custody immediately and was placed in DeKalb prison, where he remains. Theft of charges by the acquisition, striking and passing of stolen property, possession of firearms by means of a convicted felt, driving while suspending or revoking a license, fleeing or attempting to prevent, is stolen. Police officers and willfully impede law enforcement officers.

No one was injured and no other vehicles were injured in the incident, officials said.

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