A united website helps merchants in Gien during confinement

A student of history in Paris, Julien Franchina did not see himself sitting idly during these long weeks of confinement with his parents in Gien (Loiret). With the support of his brother and a friend, also reclusive on the spot, this digital enthusiast decided to create a united website, jesoutiensgien.fr, to help businesses overcome this difficult period. “The idea is to offer deferred purchase vouchers worth € 30 in partner shops, which can be spent until September 30, in one or more installments. And this is a subject that I know well since I am the son and grandson of a trader, “explains the young man, aged 21, who, in addition to his studies, set up a small digital services company.

Forty shops referenced

With his two friends, he has not seen the days go by since he launched the site last week. The first traders were called on the phone to encourage them to register, and Facebook did the rest. After a few days, around forty shops were listed, fashion stores, beauty salons, opticians, restaurants … And the site listed around 150 vouchers sold and 7,000 connections.

In addition, the three volunteers also offer Giennois to post offers or requests for service or equipment on the site, such as Gien hospital, which has just launched an appeal to seamstresses to urgently make 600 gowns. Realist, Julien Franchina knows that this initiative “will not compensate for the losses”. But this creates “a form of economic solidarity that will encourage people to return to the shops”. With the hope that this creates a ripple effect.

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