A victim of Dépakine gets compensation of 1.3 million euros


This young man is one of the first people compensated by the fund set up by the state to compensate the victims of this antiepileptic manufactured by Sanofi.

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A 20-year-old man, disabled by his mother's use of Dépakine during pregnancy, received 1.3 million euros from the victims' compensation fund for this drug, reports The Parisian, Tuesday, May 21.

The sum was announced in the newspaper by the mother of the young man, aged 20, who lives with her in the south of France. They wish to remain anonymous. A compensation procedure is underway, under the aegis of the Oniam (National Office for Compensation of Medical Accidents). The big French pharmaceutical group Sanofi refused at the beginning of the year to contribute to the device.

The disorders of this young man (cardiac malformation, autism, dependence) related to Depakine were "Recognized" and it is part, according to The Parisian, the first people compensated by the fund set up by the State to compensate the victims of this antiepileptic manufactured by Sanofi.

If the sum obtained (1,326,721 euros precisely) has relieved the victim and his family, because it will avoid a long court battle, the mother of the young man regrets, however, that the fund has not retained the term of"Autism"but he preferred that of "Attention deficit disorder" ; a qualification used, according to some patients, to try to reduce certain payments.

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Thousands of victims

In addition, Marine Martin, President of Apesac (for Association of Parents of Children with Anticonvulsant Syndrome), a Victim Support Association, interviewed by The Parisianwarned that this high compensation masked much less favorable decisions in most cases. "The first indemnities are small, partial, they can be zero, thirty or a hundred thousand. It's Russian roulette », she said.

Depakine has been at the center of a resounding health scandal for several years because of birth defects caused in children of women undergoing treatment during pregnancy.

Sodium valproate, the active ingredient in Depakine and its derivatives, has been responsible since 1967 for malformations in 2,150 to 4,100 children, and neurodevelopmental disorders in 16,600 to 30,400 children, according to estimates by Medicare. and the National Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM).

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