a video shows his flying weapons or Crash Bandicoot made from scratch

YouTuber Shesez has done a curious review of some hidden secrets of the game.

It is clear that when making a video game, it is important to focus on the details, because they will give a greater immersion players as they enter their world. We already know that Naughty Dog is probably one of the most detail-obsessed developers and now we know some new secrets from Uncharted 4 that confirm that fact.

The youtuber Shesez has a series of videos, “Out of Bounds”, in which discover hidden secrets of video games. Those mysteries range from missing items we never see, to developer environmental resources, and even testing how some mapping loads work. The last chapter has featured the last Uncharted game and there are cool elements.

As you may recall, at one point early in the game, we can play Crash Bandicoot in the PlayStation 1. The normal thing was to think that Naughty Dog had introduced an emulator, but no. They recreated the level entirely and Shesez teaches it. Another very interesting aspect is that in the part where Sam tries to escape from jail, the shots we hear they are not doing them the enemies. The creators of The Last of Us 2 they put guns and flying submachine guns who were shooting at the wall to simulate gunmen.

Naughty Dog put pistols and flying submachine guns that fired at the wall to simulate shootingsThat last element creates a feeling of burden in the player because we know that something bad is happening, but that resource is enough. We don’t need to see anyone shoot to assume it’s being this way if we hear them. There are other curious secrets that the video shows, such as the fact of Naughty Dog stored decorative elements of the stages behind some walls, probably to go picking them up and putting them on more easily.

The video teaches other minor secrets, but those are the most flashy. Of course, it is always interesting to discover the ways in which developers get us into the action and how they try to work with the available hardware. We take time without knowing anything from Uncharted, beyond that your movie is going very well. Will we have some kind of Naughty Dog news at the upcoming PlayStation 5 event?

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