A warmer world an unhealthier place for children, doctors warn


Children and young people t

With more dangerous weather waves, man-made global warfare journal the Lancet.

Gases weren't curbed.

Children born today t Renee Salas, the emergency room physician at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Salas said.

Already, the major cause of debilitating diarrhea, and last year since last year, with last year ranking second-highest. Because of the warming climate, 29% more of the U.S. is vulnerable to Vibrio. Nearly 10%.

Nine of the top 10 years ago conditions were best for dengue fever transmission

Those diseases hit children harder. And children, the poor, and the sick are problems.

“Children are the most vulnerable. They will bear the vast majority of the burden of climate change, ”says Dr. t Nick Watts, the Australian emergency room. “Health and Wellbeing is a profoundly different way.”

, “Salas said.

Dr. Cindy Parker, environmental health professor at Johns Hopkins University, the peer-report report. But she worried that the future.

“Climate change is a risk amplifier,” said Parker, who was involved in the Lancet report.

Patients in the emergency room t

During the heat wave of 106 degrees. The ambulance crew

Patients. T But as a doctor, she struggles with cases.

When health problems occur. T

”We can‘ doctor 'our way out of this, ”says Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Assn. "


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