A Web page allows you to convert Spotify playlists into collapsible “cassettes”

The past mixes with the future in a new platform that takes advantage of the retro boom. “Send a Mixtape” is a free tool that convert Spotify playlists into printable folding cassette templates, which can be heard thanks to a QR code that is scanned from the cell phone or other devices ..

“Send a Mixtape” offers the possibility of sharing the lists created on platforms such as Spotify or YouTube in physical cassette format without having to use a player or walkman to listen to the songs.

The summary of the Send a Mixtape page: I printed, arm and gift .. (Photo: sendamixtape.com)

Through the website sendamixtape.com, the user has to fill out a form with your email and the URL of the playlist you want to use, which can be from different services, although the most used are YouTube and Spotify. This free tool generates a printable template of a folding cassette with a QR code label with the playlist. When you scan it with a cell phone or tablet, you access it. The QR serves as a direct access to it.

The letters with which this technology is known refer to “quick response”, in our Spanish “quick response”. The QR emerged in 1994 in a Japanese company called Denso Wave, posing as an evolution for the barcode. In technical terms, it is a graphical module that contains information that is scanned and appears without delay, just as its name implies.

The device that appeared in Japanese lands began to be used in the industrial sector, but it was not until the deployment of smartphones that it achieved greater popularity, befriending of consumers. Now more and more platforms use it. In WhatsApp it is used to synchronize the phone with the desktop version of the messenger; on Twitter allows you to share your profile with other users; And the same happens in other environments such as LinkedIn or Snapchat. In those cases, the idea is to simplify steps: instead of looking for a person on a social network, it is possible to add them with a simple scan of the code. It is also used to make payments through various services.

How to assemble the cassette with the playlist

  • First you have to go to the website sendamixtape.com, fill out the form and add the link to the playlist.
  • After receiving the cassette template in PNG format in their email inbox, the user must download it in order to print it. Once you have it in physical format, you have to cut it, fold it and fold it to give shape to what appears to be a cassette. For best results you can use a cardboard base and glue the paper on top.
  • To ensure that the cassette is printed at the original size, the leading sides should measure 10×6.5 cm, not counting the folding flaps on the sides.
  • Although the linked playlist can be found on any service, it is recommended to use links from platforms such as Spotify or YouTube, so that it can be played directly from any cell phone or tablet when scanning the QR code.


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