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A woman breaks up with her boyfriend – a few days later, she learns something amazing in him.

Ruptures are never easy, a person always cries and everyone feels torn.

And if it's not a sad break, then it's likely to be a laudable decision, which is just as serious.

Sometimes, no matter how much time you spend repeating and planning what you will say to your other half, things do not go as planned.

This was the case for a group of men and women who shared the delicate way their relationship ended with Buzzfeed – and honestly, they are too funny not to be shared.

Ending a relationship can be difficult

One woman revealed that she had decided to end her relationship with her boyfriend because he was still testing his loyalty.

But the breakup has come to be the most grueling experience of all.

She said: "I broke up with my boyfriend because he always made me pass tests to show my loyalty.

"Well, a few weeks later, I learned that he had died of an overdose of pills in his parents' medicine cabinet. I felt horrible, as if it was all my fault.

Nobody wants a broken heart

"I did not have the guts to go to his family or attend his funeral.But the day after these funerals, I received an SMS from his number …

"And it turned out that he was not dead! He never did an overdose – it was just one of his tests to see how I would react." dude literally simulated his own death, then he sent me a text that said "Just so you know, I'm above you". "

And the tales only waver.

Another person remembered when a boyfriend decided to break up with them while they were in the most magical place in the world.

The boyfriend of a woman decided to call things while they were at Disneyland (stock photo)

They said, "My boyfriend broke up with me at Disneyland and another park guest saw me crying and asked if I was fine.

"Sobbing, I said," he dropped me ", but the man wrongly heard," he hit me ", so he immediately directed to my boyfriend and hit him … right in the middle of Cars Land. "

One woman found a great way to remember the time of her relationship – but her ex was not smart enough to understand.

"I decided to break up with my unfaithful boyfriend on Instagram by posting a nice selfie entitled" I love being single! " "

Dear Coleen: Should I pick up my ex or stay with a new man?
It can be an emotional moment for everyone

"But when my boyfriend saw it, he answered" LOL AUTOCORRECT! "

"He actually thought I wanted to type" Love Pringles! "

But the most clumsy of all must be the girl who was dropped by someone who was not even her boyfriend.

"When I was in the second year of high school, I was pretty good friend with this guy," she explained.

"Well, one day, I was reading in one of the classrooms when he came in and broke up with me." Apparently, he thought we'd been dating for a year … and I did not know anything about it. "

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