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A woman fell into the Nursing Home and lost her life

A fortuitous and accidental event cost the life of a 62-year-old woman who lives in the Eva Pern Nursing Home in Rivadavia. It happened that he had seizures and suffered one each that caused a hard blow to the head that ended up being fatal.

The death of who in life was called Cristina Eva Bernachea occurred last Sunday morning in the intensive care room of the Guillermo Rawson Hospital and an investigation was opened in the 30th Section of Chimbas.

The woman suffered from senile dementia and epilepsy, was also diabetic, and had resided in the Nursing Home for two years. She was not from San Juan, three years ago she had arrived with her daughter and a grandson from Buenos Aires. A friend lodged them in a room in her house in Concepcin, in the Capital, but her health began to get complicated and they could no longer have her in that house. That is why a social worker recommended and made arrangements for her to be admitted to the Eva Pern Home so that she would have a woman in attendance.

Police sources explained that Cristina Bernachea had the accident last Saturday in the afternoon. From what they found out, the woman allegedly had a seizure and fell to the floor, it was then that she suffered a hard blow and a cut on the forehead. They had to do 4 stitches, they explained. Evidently it was not a superficial injury. The lady was assisted in the hospital and was left in a serious state of health by the injury to the skull, so much so that she died at 5 on the last Sunday.

The investigation so far revealed that no one hit her, the testimonies would coincide in pointing out that the woman had an epileptic attack, fell and hit her head inside the home, according to sources in the case. And that this serious injury to the skull causes his death. Police and judicial sources confirmed that the autopsy revealed that this blow caused a cerebral hemorrhage and his subsequent death.


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