A woman from Vimianzo, taken by helicopter to the hospital after a possible case of sexist violence

A 48-year-old woman, a resident of the municipality of Vimianzo in Coruña, has been taken by helicopter to the Clinical Hospital of Santiago de Compostela, after suffering a possible sexist aggression at home, reports Ep.

According to sources of the Civil Guard, who investigate what happened as a possible case of gender violence, which is already in the hands of the Judicial Police, at first the woman was taken in an assistance ambulence to the Primary Care Center of the Area. .

However, it was later decided to evacuate to the reference hospital of the region, the Clinic, which gives a measure of the seriousness of what happened.

Aggression in Vigo
In Vigo, another woman went to the premises of the Local Police on Monday to report that her partner had assaulted her, although she did not want to denounce her, she collects Ep. According to her account of the events, the man, who was arrested, aged 43 and a native of Vigo, tried to strangle her, assaulted her and prevented her from leaving the house they share.

The woman received assistance from an agent of Protection Unit against abuse (EVAP), who reported that at 3 in the morning her partner initiated a discussion under the pretext that she had awakened him. According to the story of the victim, he grabbed her by the neck to try to strangle her, hit her in several parts of her body and prevented her from leaving the house.

Yes, he did it an hour later, but he continued harassing her with text messages on his cell phone. The woman was transferred to a medical center for the injuries she suffered and was supported by the network of neighborhood women against ill-treatment, although she insisted on not presenting any complaint. A patrol located the alleged assailant, arrested him and put him at the judicial disposal. (tagsToTranslate) violence (t) gender (t) vigo (t) vimianzo

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