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A woman is arrested for the death of her Latin boyfriend in a suitcase

Miami, United States

A woman who told police that her boyfriend had accidentally died when she was hidden in a suitcase while they were playing at their home in central Florida, she was arrested and charged with second degree murder for the evidence found in the videos recorded with your cellphone.

In one of the videos, as reported on Wednesday various media, listen to Jorge Torres, 42, begging for Sarah Boone, of the same age, to help her out of a suitcase with the zipper closed and to her answering that she will pay for “everything” what she has done to her.

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The WSPN television channel in Tampa (West Coast of Florida) states that the version that Boone had given to Orange County Sheriff’s agents who arrived at his home in Winter Park, near Orlando, responding to an emergency call was that both they were having drinks last Monday when it occurred to them that it would be fun play hide and that he got into a suitcase.

Boone’s explanation was that at some point she fell asleep and when she woke up she didn’t find her boyfriend and called him on the phone but he didn’t answer.

He looked for him and discovered that he was inside the suitcase and not breathing.

The emergency teams found it that way and also noticed that Boone had a small cut on his lip and some scratches around his eye.

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As part of the investigation into Torres’s death, the agents asked Boone for a cell phone and she agreed to give it to him.

There they found two videos, in one of which Torres tells his girlfriend from inside the suitcase who can’t breathe and she replies that that’s what happened to her when he squeezed her neck and that he will pay “all” what he has done to him and the to have “cheated” her.

Agents of the Orange Sheriff’s Office, who arrested Boone this Tuesday, they said that Torres is also seen in the videos hitting the suitcase and begging his girlfriend I got him out.


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