Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

A woman lost her leg due to a cut while shaving

The triggered ulcer in place of the cut brought the resident of the British city of Bristen to an amputation of her leg. This is reported by the Daily Mail.

43-year-old Tanya Czernozukow cut herself when she shaved her leg. In the wound there was an infection, and soon in place of the cut a 2.5 centimeter scab formed. Mother advised to show it to the doctor, but the woman did not see the need for it.

“A week later, my leg hurt so much that I went to the hospital,” says Chernozhukov. – I was hospitalized for five days. The doctors said it was an ulcer, and prescribed strong antibiotics for me. ”

The treatment did not help. “In a matter of weeks, the entire shin from the ankle to the knee became green and black,” says the woman. The situation worsened when a woman was diagnosed with diabetes. Because of him, the ulcer did not heal and continued to grow.

The infected place swelled, which made blood supply difficult. As a result, the tissues began to die, and gangrene started. “I had to hold my foot in a plastic bag – so much fluid flowed out of it,” Chernozhukov said. “It feels like I’m in a horror movie.”

Specialists for 18 months tried to defeat the disease. The woman drank pills, tried medicinal creams, and even larva, in which the wound was planted with live maggots, so that they gnawed dead tissue. All efforts were in vain.

After that, the doctors advised Chernozhukov to think about amputation. “They said that you can do without it, but the ulcer will not heal for a few more years, and maybe never,” she recalls. – I answered them: “Okay, cut it.”

Amputation stopped the spread of the infection. According to the woman, the pain disappeared, and life began to improve. She complains only that after the illness she was afraid to shave her legs, and she had to switch to hair removal with wax.

In March reported , that the 27-year-old model of Rosalyn Octavia, who lost her leg due to a surgeon’s mistake, again went to the podium. He accidentally cut an artery during surgery and concealed it. Due to lack of blood supply, gangrene started, and the leg had to be amputated.

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