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A woman who hated the nose of "Pinocchio" paid out £ 10,000 to repair the "sloppy" operation

A woman who hated her "Pinocchio" nose paid £ 10,000 to repair her "failed" operation – she had already paid £ 3,500 for a nose job.

Sophie Morris, 27, has spent years being teased by her classmates and has become extremely aware of her nose.

After struggling to keep two jobs to pay for surgery, Sophie underwent a £ 3,500 rhinoplasty procedure in April 2017.

Six months after the operation, Sophie noticed that her nose was beginning to change – with a visible tooth and other deformities being formed.

She then had to shell out an extra £ 10,000 to solve the problems after becoming even more paranoid about her new nose than the original.

Now, Sophie, who is finally happy with her nose, wants to invite other women to do extensive research before being operated on.

Sophie, event manager, says, "I regret having it and I want to warn others that complications can occur during a rhinoplasty.

Sophie Morris photographed in May 2016 recovering from her first surgery

Sophie's initial recovery after the first surgery went well, but by May 2016, she was recovering from her first surgery.

"You see celebrities on Instagram having nose jobs and giving the impression that it's a quick fix, but they can have serious consequences.

"It's better to just love yourself as you are."

Sophie has always hated her nose and, at the age of 13, she was baptized "Concord" and "Pinocchio" by her classmates.

Sophie says: "I hated my nose because I thought it was very big and it looked curved.

"People have asked me how I broke my nose and I had to explain that I did not do it, it was really embarrassing.

"And then, my classmates called me" Pinocchio ", it was not malicious, but that kind of comment can affect you.

"And I constantly compared my nose to my friend's.

"I did not like my side profile anymore, because it came out and there was a bump.

Sophie photographed in 2009 when she claims that she would have made fun of her nose 'Pinocchio'.

"Then I had a side bang to distract me from my nose." And Sophie's insecurities haunted her.

She says, "If I were shopping for clothes, I would fall into the locker room because I could see my nose to one side.

"I became obsessed with the repair."

From the age of 18, Sophie understood that she wanted a nose job to make it smaller and upright.

She said: "I did extensive research to find a surgeon with whom I felt comfortable.

"And my mother offered me £ 1,000 to pay.

"She knew how much I hated my nose and I just wanted to be happy."

For 10 months, Sophie held two part-time jobs at a bar and as a social media manager.

In April 2016, she had saved £ 3.5,000 to pay for the surgery and she had been operated on that month.

She said: "I was nervous about the operation but I was anxious to see my new nose.

"The procedure went well and I woke up really swollen, as expected.

Sophie's nose began to deform after the first surgery

Sophie was originally satisfied with the results of her first surgery

"I looked like a car accident." And when Sophie's cast was removed later this month, her nose was perfect, her tip was gone and her nose was straight.

She said, "I was delighted – it was exactly as I had imagined it.

"I loved showing it."

And over the next six months, the swelling decreased.

But in February 2017, a noticeable nick appeared in the bridge of his nose, known as an open roof deformity, and there was an inverted V deformation, the lower end of the nasal bones being visibly connected to the cartilage.

Sophie says: "The tip of my nose got stuck too, I was devastated and I became really conscious of my nose again.

"It looked vicious – it was horrible.

"In fact, my new nose was more paranoid than my old grand!

"My confidence is gone."

ophie suffered a £ 3,500 rhinoplasty operation that went wrong

Sophie is finally happy with her nose

In February 2017, Sophie returned to her surgeon, who admitted his fault and suggested filling his nose to hide the deformity.

She agreed and he paid to have it in another clinic, but that made no difference.

In December 2017, she had a second set of charges, which allowed her to flatten her nose.

Sophie says, "But I knew I had to fix it properly.

"Fortunately, in December 2017, I recovered the money from my first surgery and an allowance of £ 2,500."

In May of this year, Sophie underwent a £ 10,000 revision with a different surgeon, Mr Ion, at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in London.

She said: "It went very well and I have the nose I've always dreamed about.

"I still have some bumps in my bridge but I refuse to be operated more, so I may need puncture afterwards.

"No plastic surgery is worth living in. Love yourself as you are and do not copy what celebrities do on social networks, they risk their lives and their appearance."

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