A year later, where are we in the Benalla affair?


A year. It's been a year on Thursday that Le Monde has revealed the video showing Alexandre Benalla, then a missionary of the Elysée, trying to beat protesters on the Place de la Contrescarpe in Paris on May 1, 2018. Since then, the Benalla affair has taken a dimension tentacular, even to splash some members of the Elysee.

Still involved in many investigations, Alexandre Benalla is now in Africa at the head of Comya, a private security company he founded himself and which serves to facilitate the establishment of companies on this continent. He also became "security consultant" Marcel Campion, the "king of fairground".

With his sidekick Vincent Crase, who publishes a book to return on the case, they are still being prosecuted for the violence they committed on May 1, 2018 on the Place de la Contrescarpe in Paris. The couple they had molested at the time was sentenced to pay 500 euros each for violence against police officers.

Macronie from business

The case also brought in its wake three close to the Elysee. Patrick Strzoda, director of the Elysée cabinet, Alexi Kohler, secretary general of the Elysée Palace and Lionel Lavergne, head of the presidential security group who has since left office, were also the subject of a report at the Paris prosecutor's office from the senatorial commission of inquiry.

Prosecuted for "suspicion of false testimony" before the Senate, Patrick Strzoda was targeted by a preliminary investigation opened by the Paris prosecutor's office following a report from Gérard Larcher, president of the Senate. But the legal proceedings against the director of the cabinet Elysee has since been dismissed, securing him from further legal proceedings.

A year later, where are we in the Benalla affair?

With regard to Alexis Kohler and General Lavergne, the Senate sent only a list of "inconsistencies" and "contradictions" of their remarks without questioning them. But the Paris prosecutor's office considered that they were not sufficient to open an investigation. The relatives of Macron come out unscathed from this Benalla affair.

Deadly legal deadlines for Benalla

If the relatives of the Elysee are today out of cause, it is not the same for Alexandre Benalla and Vincent Crase. Remy Heitz, public prosecutor of the Republic of Paris, said that the report of the Senate in their regard for suspicion of false testimony will be "re-examined in the light of the elements that have been gathered in these proceedings when they are completed ".

The public prosecutor refers here in particular to an investigation by the National Finance Prosecutor (PNF) into the activities of a Russian oligarch, Iskander Makhmudov, and the contract signed by Vincent Crase's security firm, Mars, thanks to the help of Alexandre Benalla.

A year later, where are we in the Benalla affair?

But if the prosecution stops there for his sidekick, it is not the case for Benalla. Indicted for use of his old diplomatic passports after being dismissed from the Elysee, he is still subject to several judicial information for "port without legitimate reason for a weapon of category B" following the selfie taken in Poitiers with a firearm during the presidential campaign and for "non-fulfillment of declaratory obligations to the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life".

The judicial twists in the Benalla affair are therefore far from over.


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