A young man suffering from a psychotic outbreak is involved, a carbine ready to be fired

Agents of the National Police of the Police Station of San Andrés del Rabanedo (León) intervened on Wednesday in that town to a young man of 22 years who presented a psychotic outbreak a 22-caliber carbine, with silencer, assembled and ready to make fire, with which could have acted against third parties or against itself, as reported by the Government Sub-delegation.

About 13 hours, the boy's mother went to the police and reported that he was very upset, that although he had a previous psychiatric history was not in treatment and had seized his father's hunting gun, fearing he could use it. The police agents located him, took possession of the weapon, and faced with the risk of alteration that he presented, requested health care, so he was taken by ambulance to the Emergency Department of the Hospital de León. (tagsToTranslate) carbine (t) lion

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