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a young policewoman from Tournai involved, “she is in confession”

Last November, five Hell’s Angels kidnapped a 21-year-old man from Gilly. Adrian had been sequestered in Wasmes, in the entity of Colfontaine, for three long days… Ten days ago, we learned that three new arrest warrants had been issued in this case. Two men and a woman, Lewis, Espen and Ellen were the attackers who abducted Adrian from his home in Gilly and drove him to Wasmes.

This Romanian was beaten with a hammer and tasered. He stayed three long days in the cellar of the house, thrown on a mattress. He was finally rescued after an operation carried out by the special units of the federal judicial police. The three arrest warrants issued at the end of February concern three Picard Walloons. One is a communal worker in Tournai, the other trained dogs for the canine squad while Ellen, born in May 1991, is a police officer in the Tournaisis police zone.

►► “She is in confession”, confirms Sandrine Vairon, the Charleroi division prosecutor, “and she is charged with kidnapping and hostage taking”.

►► All our information on this case.

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