Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018

AAP praises Rahul Gandhi’s speech, asking criticism of his embrace


The Aam Aadmi Party today praised Rahul Gandhi's speech during the parliamentary debate of mourning and criticized the BJP for "stirring up" the embrace that the Congress President had given Prime Minister Narendra Modi [196591003] "Although we disagree with Rahul Gandhi on most issues, we acknowledge that his speech was excellent yesterday and he uncovered the mistakes of the Modi government," said Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh.

Asked about the AAP He was ready to join an anti-BJP front from parties like Congress, saying that he was not part of such a front now.

But Mr. Singh, who is a member of the AAP Political Affairs Committee, added that it was necessary for the hour when all parties opposing the BJP come together.

"We are unable to understand the excitement of the BJP over its gesture of embracing the Prime Minister," he said in reference to the opposition's opposition motion against the Modi government.

Mr. Gandhi had caused a flutter During the debate, they went to the Prime Minister's seat and hugged him.

"They are doing well with the PM embracing its then-Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif, US President Donald Trump and other heads of state What's your problem with Gandhi?" Mr. Singh asked:

He said the answer the Prime Minister's debate on the petition was "free of gravitas".

"The opposition did a good job yesterday putting the government in the dock because of its many shortcomings," Mr. Singh said.

"The government may have gained the confidence vote on the floor of the house, but it has lost the confidence of the country's people and the same would be reflected in the results of the following Lok Sabha polls," he told reporters.

Mr. Singh accused the BJP of "spoiling" the atmosphere throughout the country. He mentioned incidents such as the lynching of a man in Rajasthan by the vigilante and the recent attack on social activist Swami Agnivesh Jhorkhand

"Ironically, these acts are carried out while eulogies are raised on Bharat Mata and #Gau Mata & The BJP should tell us which mother would approve of such barbaric acts on her behalf, "said the AAP leader. 19659003] Mr. Singh said the AAP supports all opposing parties to the BJP, believing that their return to power in 2019 would be the worst thing that could happen to the country.

"We have therefore supported the Rashtriya Lok Dal candidate in Kairana Bypoll," he said, referring to the recent opposition victory in Uttar Pradesh.

He also said in states like Delhi and Punjab, the AAP planned to contest all seats. In Haryana, it will recruit candidates in most constituencies.

"Our goal is to defeat 80-90 seats across the country, and we will play a role in places where we do not go to battle but have influence," he said

"We have Learned from our mistakes in 2014 when we fought in 403 seats and lost deposits in most of them, "he said.

"We are now focusing more on consolidating in places where we are gaining the potential and strengthening our organization elsewhere," he added.

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