Ábalos: «Feijóo liked the blow that Casado took away»

Coming to Galicia has become a very pleasant company for socialists since last April 28. On Tuesday went number one, Pedro Sánchez, today was the turn of his right hand, the secretary of organization, José Luis Ábalos, and today lavishes the next in the ranks, Adriana Lastra. The acting Minister of Development also encountered the climate of euphoria in which his colleagues from the Galician delegation live, beginning with his general secretary, Gonzalo Caballero. "He is very excited!" He commented half-mockingly, half frightened, after receiving a hug from the aforementioned.

In passing, he bought the speech of the "emaciated" face of Feijóo, to whom Caballero repeats that "his face was not shocked." And there spun a reflection Ábalos on the delicate state of health of the PP, by stating that Feijóo the result of 28-A "does not come at all wrong," although "what does not come well is the result in Galicia » And the final rejón: "It was good for him to save his face in Galicia and that Casado …", dramatic pause, "would have taken the blow he has taken".

He started Ábalos with this insinuation of the disagreements in the PP the laughter of the faithful, never better said for the lateness of the hour and the badness of the acoustics. Before the meeting, he had the pleasure of making a trip to the Obradoiro with Caballero and Xosé Sánchez Bugallo, to which Emilio Pérez Touriño did not join. A short walk, almost by commitment, without raising any expectation, in logical contrast to the journey of Sanchez the day before.

So Ábalos returned quickly to the nearby hotel of the event, where he greeted "santiaguiños and santiaguiñas" and liked to throw taunts to the right, especially to a PP where, he said, they try to put up with the 26-M, but it is of a "broken" party, which was already "dying" before the Gürtel, "without project", "exhausted", "decomposed", "in fragmentation". Not a few qualifiers. A PP that suffers a "division" that denied that it has taken advantage of the PSOE, but was the fruit of its own "process" of decomposition. From there came the "far right that was inside", Vox, while in Citizens "they went from centrists and in the end they were centered between PP and Vox". He still sees the three of them "in their own primaries," contesting the "stubbornness" of leading the opposition. Something that would be good for the Socialists, he said, if it were not for supposing a "problem", that of "being an obstacle for Spain". "They are not to govern autonomous communities or municipalities," he said. And Knight to his own, with his «tail wind», cutting from the lectern a call from his wife – «as he never sees me at home» – and challenging Feijóo: «When you want to call elections, we will turn the page to 10 years of majority of the PP ». .

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