Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018

Abandoned truck in the south of Md., Seems to be a hint of theft, escape from prison

A truck caught in Brunswick County, Virginia, has been introduced in southern Maryland and authorities have associated it with an escape from a North Carolina jail. (Brunswick County, Virginia Sheriff's Office) A light-blue truck allegedly abandoned in southern Maryland has been revealed to be part of an investigation into a robbery in Virginia, as well as the A hint of an escape from a North Carolina jail, according to the state of Maryland police. The escape would have occurred in October in a prison in northwestern Hoke County, and authorities reported it to last month's report on the truck's theft in a small southern town of the Virginia called Gasburg. Authorities have linked the two events to the discovery of the abandoned truck in St. Mary's County, Callaway County, Maryland, police said Monday. The links between the three events: the discovery of the truck, the theft of the vehicle in Virginia and the escape of a North Carolina inmate, were established, according to Maryland State Police , after sending a soldier to a campsite in the Callaway area. The soldier went on-site in response to a report that the truck was in the woods behind the campsite for about six days, police said. The truck was considered a "suspicious vehicle," state police said. They said that it was a Chevrolet registered in Virginia. After verification, the state police said they learned that the vehicle had been stolen in Brunswick County, Virginia. In Brunswick County, the sheriff's office last month in a Facebook posting stating that a vehicle matching the description of the truck had been removed from a Gasburg company. The Brunswick Sheriff's Office said it was suspected that the vehicle had been driven by a man named Cul Priest Jones, 44, from Halifax, NC It was not clear why the truck was tied to Jones. . Jones, according to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, escaped on the evening of Oct. 14 from a North Carolina penitentiary facility. According to the North Carolina Department of Public Security, he was detained at least at the Hoke Correctional Institution, located in Raeford, Nc. The ministry said Jones was 44 at the time of the escape and that he had started serving his sentence on September 30, 2014, for burglary. Washington. Gasburg, Virginia, where the truck was taken, is located about 70 km southwest of Washington. It is not far from Halifax, to the north, which would have been the home town of the fugitive. Gasburg was apparently named only for one of the three states of matter, but for the nearby Gaston Lake. .

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