ABC builds a bridge to «improve relations and form a common future» with America

ABC began on Wednesday its Americas Forums, sponsored by Banesco and Air Europa, taking the pulse of the Dominican Republic, the most thriving economy in the Caribbean basin. Four Ministers, Foreign Affairs, Presidency, Tourism and Industry participated in a meeting, which brought together at the Convention Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a broad representation of the country's politics and economy.

Manuel Corripio, Vice President of the Corripio GroupAbout the theme "Dominican Republic, growth and sustainability. Inclusion and development with social sensitivity ", three round tables were developed on investment opportunities, tourism development and its growth, as well as the challenge of the industry. In these meetings the importance of this country was highlighted, whose economy represents half of the GDP of the whole area.

The opening ceremony of this forum, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miguel Vargas, stressed the importance of ABC has started these forums in the Dominican Republic, "in the cradle where Spain came to a new world." In his opinion, this newspaper "has made successful efforts to maintain its identity in the vortex of changes affecting the media."

Maria Clara Álvarez, president of Banesco in the Dominican Republic The Foreign Minister stressed that the Third of ABC is "a window open to thinking and exchange of novel ideas. An emblematic page ». In this sense, he understands that «ABC is distinguished by a coherent editorial line that rejects authoritarianism».

Finally, Vargas was particularly pleased with this forum as "an encounter of different nationalities, united and united to improve relations and together form a common future."

The director of ABC, Bieito Rubido, recalled in his speech that the first trip of the King of Spain, Don Juan Carlos de Borbón, when he acceded to the throne went to the Dominican Republic and put in value the importance of "a magnificent country in all orders » .

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