Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

ABC protects verbally abusive host

A few weeks ago, ABC made a big public show by firing Roseanne Barr for posting an offensive tweet about the former senior advisor to the Obama White House, Valerie Jarrett. In the hours that followed the tweet, Barr was removed from his hit show. Of course, Barr represented a middle-class woman who supports traditional American values. His show found a wide audience because it was not the usual mix of a left-wing program with a politically correct dialogue. Even though she apologized, ABC had no qualms about removing Barr, and investigating the possibility of continuing the show without Roseanne.

The network did not show the same feeling of outrage Thursday when Whoopi Goldberg, the co-host of his daily broadcast The View verbally abused the host of Fox News TV, Judge Jeanine Pirro during and after the show.

The judge was invited on the show to promote his new book, but he quickly escalated into an altercation with Goldberg, who was angry when Pirro accused him of "having" Trump Derangement Syndrome. " Of course, Judge Goldberg's representation was completely accurate. On a regular basis, Goldberg and his co-hosts excite President Trump on a variety of issues. There is no ideological balance on The View only the hatred of the left.

Instead of admitting his bias, Goldberg attacked the president, saying "I've never seen anyone whipping such hatred" as Donald Trump. In response, Pirro defended the president and noted "You know what is horrible? When people who should not be there end up murdering the children of US citizens!" That was too much for Goldberg, who fought back "What's horrible is when the president of the United States whips people to beat people hell … Say goodbye … I'm done!"

With this last comment, Goldberg was away from the table and the interview was interrupted.Unfortunately, for Judge Pirro, the abuse was not over.After leaving the post and tried to leave the building, Goldberg screamed at the judge again, "literally spitting." She fumed, "F ** k you, take out the F ** k from this building."

This type of gross treatment A supporter of Trump is becoming too common all over the country Americans have seen Trump supporters harassed in restaurants, restaurants nemas and even be denied transportation by Uber drivers.

In the past, liberals used to pretend that they believed in the First Amendment and freedom of expression. Their symbol was the sign of peace, but today he has become the major. They do not want to debate the Conservatives, they want to prevent the Conservatives from speaking. For proof, just visit a university campus today.

To treat a respected host and a television host like this is totally unacceptable. Clearly, ABC should have dismissed Goldberg immediately for his abusive conduct. Even Goldberg realized that she acted inappropriately. She apologized to the public in the following segment: "You saw me do something that I do very rarely. I very rarely lose my temper and I am not proud of it. I do not like it. But I do not like being accused of being hysterical either because it is one of the things I try not to be in this series.

Unfortunately, ABC, like all other broadcast networks, is not fair and balanced. Instead, it is controlled by liberals who advance this ideology in all their programs. This is the network that returned Roseanne and canceled Last Man Standing another show espousing conservative values, even though it was one of the top rated programs on the network .

If a Conservative host had treated an Obama supporter in the same way on the network, that person would have been fired. In reality, there are no conservative hosts on ABC. For example, The View there are five anti-Trump hosts, mostly liberal.

Pirro accepted the invitation to participate in the program knowing that she was outnumbered and that she would face tough questions. Unfortunately, he went much further in the area of ​​abuse. Pirro admitted that the animators "were shooting for me". For the judge, the entire experience was "staggering", acknowledging that she had been "closed in my attempt to answer questions in a place where I had been invited".

To learn more about the judge's experience, listen to my radio interview with her at Friday's Ringside Politics show on WGSO 990-AM and Here is a link to the podcast of today.

L'interview with the judge starts at 02:03:15. Enjoy!

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