About Palm Oil Exports in 2021, This Said Gapki

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The Indonesian Palm Oil Association (Gapki) estimates the market palm oil exports will not recover 100 percent in the coming year.

General Chairman of Gapki Joko Supriyono said this was due to the possibility of changing behavior due to the implementation of the new normal.

“Because new normal it’s probably going to be some behavior in consumption and all kinds, I’m sure of that. So maybe it’s not 100 percent normal for exports, “said Joko virtually, Friday (11/20/2020).

Previously, Joko had predicted that the export of palm oil products this year would be lower than 2019 because for 8 months it was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Joko considered that domestic biodiesel consumption would be one of the things controlling various factors supply and demand in the coming year. According to him, this is because the Indonesian government is considered quite consistent in implementing the biodiesel program.

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Not only that, Joko also said that oleochemical products will be one of the products that will be of concern in the next year. Because, until September 2020, oleochemical consumption has increased by 49 percent yoy.

“One thing that needs to be highlighted is the consumption of oleochemicals, it is increasing domestically, this may be a note for the domestic market, including the export market next year,” said Joko.

Even so, Joko said, the palm oil industry will continue to strive to maintain operations so that it can operate normally. According to him, one of the important things to do in the coming year is to maintain health, both workers and families of workers. Therefore, the implementation of health protocols will remain important in the next year.

Joko said that palm oil will continue to face various challenges. However, one thing that needs attention next year is the implementation of the Job Creation Law. He hopes that the Job Creation Law can be implemented properly so that it can provide various improvements for the palm oil industry.

“I think this is not easy, because the process of becoming a law is already chaotic, let alone the implementation process, I think it is very challenging, and it is important for us to continue to coordinate and synergize with many parties as well as possible,” said Joko. (Reporter: Lidya Yuniartha | Editor: did you know Laoli)

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