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About the rare LADA Nova Euro-Star Convertibles

Plastic VAZ-2105 in 1987 surprised Europeans.

At the end of the last century, European motorists for some unknown reason acquired the so-called “beach cars” – light convertibles, characterized by slightly better cross-country ability and “summer” appearance.

Of course, AvtoVAZ in those years did not produce anything like that, but still the beach Lada existed and were sold in Europe.

In 1987, Bohse bought directly from German LADA dealers 5,000 VAZ-2105 sedans, which were sold under the name LADA Nova on the German market. This car, it was decided to turn into the very beach gigs.

The VAZ-2105 simply lost the VAZ body, which was replaced by a body made of plastic panels. In fact, the cars were turned into a two-door convertible, the design of which was reinforced by a powerful cross beam from above.

Also, LADA Nova Euro-Star was equipped with a soft convertible top, a small trunk in the rear, and seat belts.

But the VAZ-2105 remained a “vase” even with the name LADA Nova Euro-Star – under the hood was a 1.2-liter engine, familiar from the legendary Kopeyka.

Unfortunately, the developers failed to produce 5000 units of LADA Nova Euro-Star, and the entire circulation was limited to 300 units. A year later, the beach VAZ-2105 was discontinued due to low demand.


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