Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018

Academic football playoffs are not about fairness. It's a question of power.

The Central Florida University quarterback, Darriel Mack Jr., is a top-five supporter after scoring a touchdown against Memphis at the US Conference Athletics Championship on December 1 at Orlando, Florida. The UCF won the match. The team did not lose in two seasons. (John Raoux / AP)

"It's not fair!"

The kids say that all the time. When a brother or older sister must stay up late. Or when the teacher punishes the whole class even if only a few children were bad.

Well, kids, here's something that's not fair: the college football game.

On Sunday, a group of experts selected four college football teams – Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Oklahoma – to play three bowl games to determine the national champion.

It's hard to argue against Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame. They won all their matches in 2018. But there is another undefeated team that has not been chosen: the University of Central Florida (UCF). In fact, the UCF Knights are undefeated in the last two seasons, winning 25 games in a row.

Large-scale university football is not an equal playing field. The 65 teams of the five "Power Conferences" – Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Big Ten, Big 12, Pacific-12 and Southeast Conference (SEC) – as well as Notre Dame still get the top four places in the playoffs of university football. . The 64 smaller conference teams have no chance.

UCF was ranked eighth nationally in the final standings and will face the Louisiana State at Fiesta Bowl on New Year's Day. It was the highest ranking of any team outside power conferences for years. But UCF was ranked behind two teams – Michigan and Georgia – who each lost two games in 2018.

The football experts believe that the UCF does not play enough good teams to deserve a better ranking. But it's unfair too.

University football teams usually play 12 games in the regular season. They must play about eight games against teams in their conference. Then the teams organize, sometimes years in advance, four games outside of their conference.

The UCF had to play eight games against teams at its American athletics conference. It's not the Knights' fault, the CAA teams are not very well ranked. The Knights, however, crashed a team from ACC (Pittsburgh) 45-14 in one of their non-conference games.

Moreover, the best power conference teams do not necessarily want to face a tough team like UCF since a minor conference. Viewing. Alabama has played in easy teams like Arkansas State, Louisiana Lafayette and The Citadel for three of his non-conference games. Clemson played less hard to beat than Furman and Georgia Southern.

What can UCF still do to have a chance to play for the championship? Earn 25 more games? As UCF Sports Director, Danny White, tweeted: The college football playoffs "are not playoffs. It's an invitation. "

Or as children might say, "It's not fair!"


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