Accidental industrial pollution – A French company dumps 5,000 liters of pollutant in the Arve

As a precaution, the canton advises against eating fish caught in the Arve after the pollution.

L’Arve (photo d’illustration)

Laurent Guiraud

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the plug on one of a Bonneville company’s nickel sulfate tanks ruptured, causing the toxic product to flow into the company’s stormwater system. According to information gathered by Le Messager, nickel sulphate, used among other things in the production of batteries or the plating of certain metals, is a pollutant dangerous for humans and living species.

By the time the company realizes the existence of this leak and warns the firefighters, 5,000 liters of pollutant out of the 12,000 liters in the tank were spilled into the water. On the spot very early in the morning of Thursday, firefighters blocked the polluted rainwater pipe, stopping the flow. A specialized company recovered the nickel sulphate spilled in the water. If no incident on drinking water is to be deplored, we do not know the consequences on the Arve and its ecosystem.

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