Accomango received 40 million crowns from investors

The funds that Accomango has received from its investors will be used to meet several sub-objectives. But the most important is the product itself. It is a complete digitization of the industry through an application through which companies will be able to easily search and book accommodation capacity for their employees.

“We want companies and accommodation providers to eliminate unnecessary administration. At the same time, we also want to increase the comfort of accommodated employees and the quality of services they receive, “says Patrick Havlíček, co-founder of Accomanga. The application will also provide a comprehensive overview of the exact location and time of employees. And thanks to this innovation, there is no need to call hostels and hotels for administration, Accomango argues.

Investors have believed the idea of ​​the whole project from the very beginning. Already in July last year, Accomango received the first investment from the venture capital fund KAYA (formerly Enern). In April this year, Kaya invested for the second time, along with the new Purpose Ventures fund. Angel investors, such as the founder of the Mews startup Matthijs Welle, a member of the Mews board Ory Weihs or Václav Graf and Jan Krabec, also invested their money in the company. The young startup also received money from within the company. Investors include its founders and product director.

Accomango enables companies of all sizes, which house workers’ professions, to simplify and, above all, improve the quality of accommodation of their employees across the Czech Republic. At present, the Accomanga team numbers 20 people and includes experts who participated in the construction of companies such as Twisto, Rohlí, Productboard, Kiwi and others.

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Accomanga’s plan is to grow to 40 employees by the end of this year, also thanks to the funding it has received as part of the investment. The larger team will also speed up the journey abroad.

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