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Account and credit card – how bank customers can save fees

The cost of financial services has risen sharply in recent years. Six tips where you can save money everywhere.

The costs of the various payment cards differ significantly.

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For a few years now, only the fees have increased on the bank account. Bank customers incur costs for financial services, some of which can be seen in their bank statements at the end of the year and which have to be transferred to their tax returns in the coming weeks. Some of these fees have increased significantly over the past few years. The following overview shows where savings can be made.

account management

There are customers who are annoyed about rising account management fees. Many are reluctant to provide the bank with free money and to have to pay for it. But compared to other fees, these account charges are not significant. There are also few ways to save money here: Hardly anyone changes to another bank because of the difference in a few francs. And there are usually no account management fees on the savings account anyway – transfers are usually more expensive here. The payroll account should therefore be used for payments.

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