Act 27 Yellow Vests: what to expect this Saturday?

Collapse or renewed mobilization. A week after an act 26 very little followed, the Yellow Vests are again called to demonstrate this Saturday, May 18 in Paris and regions. Six months to the day after their first parade on November 17, the stakes are high for the movement that reached its lowest level a week ago with 18,600 people on the streets, according to figures provided by the Ministry of the Interior.

To remobilize the troops, several events gathering a few hundred demonstrators were announced on Facebook. In Paris, more than 600 people declared themselves interested on the social network by a demonstration against the use of glyphosate in France. Problem: they are called to march on the Champs-Elysees, whose surroundings are prohibited by a prefectural decree, in the same way as the sectors of the National Assembly and Notre Dame.

More followed, an event invites Yellow Vests scroll "against rising fuel with women in mind," from 13 hours, between the Esplanade Defense and the Sacred Heart. More than 1300 people showed interest in this event on Facebook.

The leaders of the movement divided

Yellow Vests are also expected to join the processions in several cities in regions. In Lyon (Rhône), about 2,000 people showed interest in Facebook through two gatherings called "Lyon Rise Up" and "Catch us if you can." In Reims (Marne), 1200 members of the social network have stated their interest in the "national call Reims wake up." Other notable events will take place in Bordeaux, Strasbourg or Amiens.

The known figures of the Yellow Vests are however divided on the strategy to be adopted. In a live broadcast on Facebook Sunday, Eric Drouet criticized the "more ridiculous" markets around themes related to yellow vests, like the one against the Blanquer law on education. "There, we walk well organized, (…) we look at how many yellow vests and Saturday night at 23 hours, we moved on," he said, bitter.

According to him, the movement has everything to lose to disperse. "You have to come to Paris, give yourself a goal in Paris. We must pin the top of the Facebook group the event we are targeting, "he says. Before inviting other "movement figures" such as Priscillia Ludosky and Maxime Nicolle to tune their violins and "put the ego aside".

A message that does not seem to be followed by effects. All week, Priscillia Ludosky relayed on its various social accounts several calls for mobilization in different cities of France. As for Maxime Nicolle, he announced Wednesday night, in a Facebook Live, that he would go Saturday … to a paragliding event in favor of the citizens' initiative referendum (RIC), in Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet, near from Grenoble (Isère). He will join Etienne Chouard, specialist in the discipline and great defender of the RIC.

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