Actor Ivan Vyskočil fought coronavirus. It’s an insidious disease, he says

The seventy-four-year-old actor fell ill a few days ago. “The Covid-19 has already caught me. I’ve already done it, and quarantine, and it’s really not pleasant,” admitted Ivan Vyskočil.

The famous actor was lucky. According to him, he managed it without having to go to the hospital. “I had a completely mild course, my young partner caught it too and fortunately she also had only a mild course, and yet I will tell you that it is very unpleasant. Especially the first two days. You have a fever, your head hurts, your whole body hurts, “described the unpleasant moments of healing.

According to Ivan Vyskočil, Covid-19 is insidious in that at times it seems that the patient is fine. Within a few minutes, however, everything is different and the infected person ends up in bed. “I’m used to being sick. I know what the flu looks like, but this is something else. It’s like nothing to you and suddenly it booms and makes you pass. And you’re wondering if I don’t go to bed right away and fall asleep, so maybe I won’t even survive. , “described the actor for

Known manifestations of the disease did not pass even Vyskočil. “I’ve partially lost my sense of smell, but it’s slowly coming back to me. It’s so weirdly insidious that you’re actually fine, but it also takes away your taste, energy and mood. Fortunately, I’m fine now,” the actor concluded.

Viewers can remember Ivan Vyskočil, for example, from the films The Death of Beautiful Roe Deer or from the series Boys and Men. He also played in the famous fairy tale Immortal Aunt.

Singers Lucie Bílá and Hana Zagorová also have a fight with Covid-19. Actor Petr Čtvrtníček ended up in hospital due to coronavirus. Actors Simona Stašová and Václav Kopta also suffered from the disease. Eva Burešová and one of the contestants Erika Stárková have a well-known voice in the quarantine of the popular show Your Face.

The Czech Republic has the most confirmed cases of coronavirus infection per capita in the entire EU. Watch the TV Nova report:


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