Actress and writer Nazmiye Oral is getting married with boyfriend Marcel | NOW

Nazmiye Oral has been proposed to by her boyfriend Marcel. The writer and actress tells Saturday Volkskrant Magazine that she got the proposal while on vacation in Italy.

The two had known each other for some time, but decided to meet in March last year. They soon got into a relationship and appeared to have separate visions of an impending marriage in Italy.

Still, Oral (51) says she didn’t notice when her boyfriend (50) booked a trip to Trento in Italy in the summer. “No, silly, isn’t it? Maybe because I always thought such a marriage was more for women like Leontine Borsato.”

During a walk Marcel proposed to his girlfriend. “At one point we stopped, I turned around, and then I saw so much love coming from him that I thought, ooh, he’s going to do it.”

Oral has performed in Amsterdam and New York, won a Golden Calf in 2016 and wrote the novel Zehra. Last year she was featured in Summer guests.


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