Adam Lambert: Happy to see more success with LGBTQ artists


“Now I think some research has been done and they know better. Now, people are not afraid. They're not so scary. There are answers. There are examples, ”he continued.

One person of Lambert suggests that the rapper Lil Nas X “Old Town Road”, which he announced was gay and his songs on top of the Billboard charts this year.

“I think I can be associated with someone like Lil Nas X who stayed until a song 1 would like, éil By the way, I'm gay, '” Lambert said. “It creates a point that you can be successful, successful. Can. Anyone is welcome to have that success. And maybe not about what your sexuality is at the end of the day. B & n may be, ‘Do you like the song (existent) or not? '

Lambert, who has been busy in recent years traveling with the prestigious Queen rock band, is hoping to move the needle again with his own music. The EP “Velvet: Side A”, its first new project in four years, was released last month.

“I took a while because I really wanted to dial the sound I wanted, and I wanted to go back in the way I loved to do music,” he said.

The Grammy-named performer calls his “child” on his new project and said that while he had previously released various genres of music, he has returned his latest project to him. With the exception of ballast, most of the Parliament are groove and funk-based tracks.

“I didn't want to be just after some trend at the moment,” he said. “As an artist, I don't like repeating myself. I like to explore new sounds, new vibes and part of it, too. I just wanted to get a new inspiration. ”

Lambert will release the rest of the project later, and while each half will have a different sound, he said the project will be fully integrated. Its main goal is to dance audiences, have fun, and take their mind away from the world dog.

“There is a lyric in Superpower,” he said referring to his current single, ““ You're kicking in the dirt, but we're not going out. . And I hope that if you are feeling like that, you can listen to the song and really like it, ”he said. “It's not very dark, it's not very heavy, but I hope it gives people a sense of power.”

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