Addison joins Meredith and Derek in Rey’s Anatomy

The jealous Addison is (sort of) back in Grey’s Anatomy! Kate Walsh played Dr. Shepherd’s ex-wife and got in the way of Meredith Gray. Derek made a sudden return in the season opener of the drama series, much to Addison’s dismay. She posted a photo to Instagram where she grumpily watches Meredith and Derek hug each other on the beach. “Girl, you already know how Addie would have reacted to this,” she jokes.

There is clearly no bad blood between the actors. “I send you so much love,” reports Kate. ‘Sincerely with your internet-breaking reunion’. Ellen can appreciate it and responds under the post with all kinds of laughing figures and hearts. In the show, Meredith bumps into her deceased partner in a fever dream, because she has become seriously ill from the corona virus. Fans of Grey’s Anatomy fear that this is the end for her character and the series. You can see why in the video below.

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