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Additive E171 destroys the intestinal flora: does mozzarella cause cancer?

Researchers found that the E171 additive unbalanced the intestinal flora. The dye is found in mozzarella, for example, but also in cosmetics and medication – and in the worst case, it can even cause cancer.

There is hardly a processed product that does without additives today. Sometimes they are of natural origin, sometimes they are made artificially. They are supposed to make things durable or pretty. The additives are often identified by E numbers.

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E171 products: why are they questionable or even dangerous?

One of the questionable e-additives is the dye E171. Have that Scientist from the University of Sydney now examined in more detail. In experiments with mice, worrying results were found: The additive can affect the intestinal flora and even cause inflammation.

The researchers administered the dye to the mice via the drinking water. Thereupon a growth of unfavorable biofilms in the intestine could be observed. These bacteria stuck together are suspected To favor colon cancer. At the same time, the intestinal flora became so unbalanced that intestinal inflammation developed.

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Why does Mozzarella contain E171?

The additive is used as a whitening agent in foods such as chewing gum, mozzarella and toothpaste, but is also used in cosmetics and medicines. E171 has long been suspected of long-term accumulation in the gastrointestinal tract and disrupt the normal functioning of the organs there.

In France, the dye has already been banned due to the risks. From January 1, 2020, the additive may no longer be used there. E171 is still permitted in Germany.

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