Adel Imam: I am continuing with my decision and I have not changed it

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The Egyptian artist, Adel Imam, today, Friday, denied reports circulating about him during the past hours.

و .كد For a newspaper The Lebanese “Al-Nahar” said that what was reported about his contract to participate in new artistic works is untrue.

Adel Imam (80 years old) continued, explaining that he decided some time ago to obtain a leave, and continued his decision and did not change it.

He added, “He will not participate in the Ramadan 2021 drama season with any artistic work, nor has he contracted to participate in a movie, nor has he changed anything in what was decided.”

وشارك Adel Emam Last Ramadan season, the series “Valentino” starred, written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar, and directed by Rami Imam.

And Adel Imam’s latest cinematic work was the movie “Zheimer”, which was shown in 2010, in which Saeed Saleh, Lotfi Labib, Ahmed Ratib, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Ahmed Rizk, Rania Youssef, Nelly Karim, and Iman El-Sayed participated, written by Nader Salah El-Din, and directed by Amr Arafa.

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