Friday, 18 Jan 2019

Adrian Peterson seals the Redskins' 20-13 win over the Giants and gives Washington a third consecutive victory

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – An afternoon when they faced one of the worst teams in the NFL, faced with a defense of which two starters had been traded earlier in the week, the Washington Redskins offensive Produced only 178 yards less, several passes and losses. a fumble that was returned for 43 meters.

And yet, none of these trivialities counted for Sunday, as the New York 1-7 Giants proved more difficult to move the ball, allowing Washington to leave MetLife Stadium with a 20-13 victory. improved his record to 5-2 and solidified. the team holds first place in the NFC East.

The Redskins probably had little to celebrate on the offensive, aside from 149-yard halfback Adrian Peterson, most of them in the fourth quarter, including his 64-yard touchdown late in the game. Quarterback Alex Smith has again not returned the ball and has not been fired. But the victory was the third consecutive time in Washington and maintained its lead in the division to a game and a half.

Especially, the Redskins won the match against Giants quarterback Eli Manning in a fierce race, sending him off seven times and having him perform two interceptions at Washington's safety, D.J. Jurer. Manning had 316 yards, but many of them arrived late as he tried to overtake New York from a deficit.

Once again, the Redskins controlled another key player in the opponent's offense. This time, Giants rookie Saquon Barkley had a total of 38 yards at the speed of 77,507 fans in the stadium.

Even though the score was tight for a good part of the day, the Giants have never been tight in this part.

Washington took the lead early, passing from their own 28-yard line to the Giants' 7-yard line in just over five minutes. In second place, Peterson caught a short pass from Smith, then shot, then attempted a tackle from Nate Stupar of New York, before reaching the end zone for a touchdown that gave a 7-0 lead to Washington.

But then, New York was successful in throwing the ball. Star Trainer Odell Beckham Jr. defeated cornerback Greg Stroman on a 44-yard play. If there had not been a bag of Matt Ioannidis in Manning just before the end of the first quarter, the Giants could have scored.

In the second quarter, Washington created two more time-consuming commands, with Smith's passing passes to Josh Doctson and Jordan Reed to keep the clock running, but not gaining enough yards to make all the difference. A long march in the middle of the quarter led the Redskins from their front line to 20 yards of the Giants. But the 3rd and 10th, Smith was able to hit the striker Jordan Reed on a distance of 4 yards. goal attempt that could have pushed the Redskins 'lead to 10 points, but Dustin Hopkins' 41-yard effort was broadly wide on the right and the score stayed at 7-0.

The Giants then quickly moved back from the ball with a mix of passes to receiver Sterling Shepard and a 21-yard throw to Beckham, placing New York in the center of the Redskins territory. Josh Norman hit a pass from Beckham and the Redskins never let the Giants get nearer than the 19, forcing New York to give a goal that allowed the score to go 7-3. pass at half-time.

Early in the second half, Washington had a golden opportunity when the Giants imploded in their own front line. In the third run, Manning was sacked on the 2nd, forcing New York to clear the ball from his goal. The Redskins then took over from the 35 Giants before being blocked. Firing another goal, this time from 52 yards, Hopkins fired his shot again to the left before the ball hit the ball vertically to the left and crossed the goal, creating a lead. 10-3 for Washington.

Manning felt the pressure of Washington. At the Giants' next possession, he snapped a wild pass that hung in the air for Swearinger, who captured his second interception as if it was a punt and sent off the ball at 40, in New York.

And yet, Washington has still not been able to get points thanks to this opportunity. The Redskins scored 17 points and seemed ready to score a touchdown that could put the game aside, but in the first try, Peterson ran to the left, where he was hit by safety Landon Collins and the defensive lineman Dalvin Tomlinson, and Collins hit the ball from Peterson's Hands. Linebacker Oliver Vernon grabbed the scrum and racked up 43 yards for the Giants' biggest game since the first half.

Another Manning sack and a big fourth big end, Evan Engram, once again gave the Redskins the ball in the fourth quarter. This time, Peterson had 28 yards in three races and Vernon Davis had a 21-yard pass, allowing Washington to score another goal, earning them 13-3 and one shot out of range. . Giants.

Peterson scored 20-3 with his long touchdown at the end of the right touchline with just over three minutes to play. After the Giants scored an Engram touchdown 17 seconds into the end, Washington recovered the New York kick to seal the win.


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