Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

Adriana Karembeu: after the Atol campaigns, she could soon lose what she has most precious

Nothing goes for Adriana Karembeu anymore. After being fired from the Atol ad campaigns, the ex-model must be ready for another blow.

At 46, Adriana Karembeu has everything to be happy. Married since 2014 with businessman Aram Ohanian, the former model is expecting her first child . A happiness she did not expect after years of fighting to conceive a child. The acolyte of Michel Cymes on France 2 is also on a small cloud since she will be able to be able to have a baby next to her sister Natalia Sklenarikova, who is also pregnant.

Nothing could therefore overshadow the happiness of Adriana. On Monday, the mother-to-be fell from a very high level while she was reading The Parisian . As reported by Jean-Marc Morandini’s blog, in the “eco” pages of the daily, she came across an interview with Eric Plat, the CEO of Atol, who explained that customers were ” weary “Pubs with the muses of the brand.

In contract with Atol since 2008, Adriana has thus accused the blow by learning in the press that she was fired by the brand . But the old Wonderbra muse was far from imagining that the worst was waiting for her. Divorced by Christian Karembeu in 2011, the latter, on good terms with his ex, has always been able to keep his marriage name. But time passes and the 47-year-old is seriously starting to get angry about this situation, especially since they are both remarried.

Questioned by The morning Christian Karembeu has been clear: everything has to stop. ” That bothers me. I am the first to say basta! “, He said, while assuring that he has” always wanted to have cordial relations With his ex-wife. ” I think there is no animosity between us, but yes it bothers me a lot. I hope we will not have to wait for judges to decide on this He explained. The countdown has started for Adriana.

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