Advanced medical students add to the health system

About 300 students advanced degrees in medicine, nursing and biochemistry at the National University of Rosario (UNR) will strengthen areas of the health system, such as the provincial toll-free line for inquiries about coronavirus (0800-555-6549) and different effectors. At the same time, they will be able to retake their Mandatory Final Practices (PFO) to receive and enroll.

“We have been negotiating the resolution before the Secretariat for University Policies (SPU) to enable national universities to establish modifications in the development of PFOs, as a result of the emergency that we are going through. Students will be able to count the activities they carry out within the framework of their PFOs ”, she told The capital the rector of the UNR, Franco Bartolacci.

The resolution “enables universities to advance in the direction that we have been planning together with the students,” said the rector. And he added: “We spoke with Sonia Martorano (Minister of Health of the province) to sign an agreement, in the same terms as the one signed with the UNL last Friday.”

The agreement that the province agreed with the UNL implies that advanced students of medicine, obstetrics, nursing and biochemistry from that university can join the health system and count those activities as their PFOs.

The rector indicated that the Faculty of Medicine will be in charge of projecting when students may begin to join the health system. “The idea is to develop the protocols to put it into practice as soon as possible,” said Bartolacci.

“The areas where the students will go will be defined between the UNR and the Ministry of Health,” said the rector, although those that sound louder are the call center and the different effectors where they are required.

“There are several options and, in fact, many are already doing voluntary activities. We are going to count those hours for the development of the practices. There are different possible instances that we are going to put together with the province ”, he concluded.


Students who are in the PFO stage have not been able to perform them for months and therefore the delivery of the title is postponed. Not only can they not take that last instance, but the possibility of working on what they studied for years is delayed.

With this advance, medical students can continue with their internships to finish their degree and enroll. “We are very happy because we have been looking for this for a long time. And it is the proposal that we put together: that due to the health situation of the city and the country (the return to the PFO) is done in a staggered manner, starting in the call center and, as it becomes possible, go to the effectors ” said student Maximiliano Golemmo, a member of one of the cohorts that had been in a gray zone since March, when the pandemic and isolation were declared.

“Practically, it is a fight won,” he pointed out about the possibility of returning to the system and added that although start and end dates remain to be defined, everything is part of the PFO, so “once we finish, they give us the title and we can enroll ”.

The group of about 300 students in this situation is made up of three cohorts: 50, 51 and 52. Golemmo belongs to the 51 and said that the situations are different between each of them: “We had started a month ago and medium, but there was the 50 that had started about three months ago. They should have already received the title in September and we, in theory, in November. This is going to stretch a bit more. “


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