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Former top managers of Gazprom-Media Vladimir Chopov and Yekaterina Mironova launched the Nut.Tech company. It is positioned as an IT accelerator and offers services for the launch and consulting of OTT platforms. The video services market is already oversaturated and is being consolidated at the expense of ecosystems, so the new service will be in demand among those companies that do not prioritize video for their business, experts say.

Former managing director of OOO Gazprom-Media – Entertainment TV Vladimir Chopov and his former deputy Yekaterina Mironova registered OOO Nat.Tech (Nut.Tech), it follows from the data of Mr. Chopov owns 70% of the shares, Mrs. Mironova, who became the general director of the company, – 30%. Nut.Tech positions itself as a partner for high-load Internet services, and offers the main set of services to OTT platforms: launching them on a turnkey basis, consulting, IT development, content procurement, strategy creation, etc., is indicated on its website. Vladimir Chopov and Yekaterina Mironova did not respond to Kommersant’s request; they did the same in the company itself. Earlier in an interview with the IT Business Broker podcast, Ms. Mironova said that Nut.Tech plans to provide services according to the Software as a service model, and half of the requests from customers are related to work with video services: “We have assembled a team of experts, and our expertise helps businesses accelerate and avoid making growth mistakes. “

27.8 billion rubles

made up the market for OTT video services in 2020, according to TMT Consulting

One of the top managers of Gazprom-Media says that the Nut.Tech development team consists of former developers of the Uma.Tech company, whose CEO was Yekaterina Mironova. Uma.Tech has created the Uma.Tech platform, which runs the Premier video service and the sites of the holding’s TV channels (Match TV, TNT,, etc.). Last year, Gazprom-Media CEO Alexander Zharov, shortly after his appointment, changed key top managers of the media holding. Some of them now work at Sberbank, and Vladimir Chopov and Yekaterina Mironova, after being fired, launched a new business.

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In the United States, a similar model has been offered since 2012 on a much larger market, recalls Maxim Tadevosyan, partner of the RAMT investment design bureau. For example, the company Deltatre works according to this scheme, which is focused on creating customized solutions in the field of OTT – from telecom operators to HoReCa. “In Russia, the service could be in demand among independent content producers to create their own OTT platforms, but the market will continue to consolidate due to extremely strong investors in this segment – Sberbank, Yandex, Gazprom-Media,” says expert.— It is unlikely that any of the content producers will want to compete in the volume of investments in production and marketing in the Russian market. ” The offer will be in demand among companies that want to expand the offer for customers, but do not make OTT a priority for business and do not enter the arms race, concludes Mr. Tadevosyan.

There are already too many platforms and such a company can be created for a specific customer who wants to outsource some of the services, such as marketing, “so as not to get bogged down in approvals within the company,” if it is very large, believes the publisher of N + 1 Andrey Konyaev. In the OTT environment, “everyone has their own development and expertise within the company”, external performers will not be in great demand, says the head of a large OTT platform. Moreover, there are already a dozen of companies that can offer the development of entire platforms or individual components. For example, Platforms & Solutions, the former general director of Tvigle and Start, Yegor Yakovleva, made a decision for the Amediateka service, the source said. Yegor Yakovlev declined to comment, Amediateka did not respond to the request, Sberbank and Gazprom-Media, as well as ivi and Megogo online cinemas, refused to comment on whether they plan to resort to outsourcing.

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