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Aeroflot flight violates Canadian flight ban on Russian planes

“We are aware that Aeroflot Flight 111 has violated the no-fly zone imposed on Russian aircraft earlier today,” said Transport Canada.

The Canadian Transport Authority is investigating the incident. “We will not hesitate to take appropriate enforcement and other measures to prevent future violations.”

It is possible that the crew of the Aeroflot flight in question was not yet aware of the fact that Canada had also closed its airspace to Russian air traffic, following many European countries. An Aeroflot flight from Punta Cana to Moscow soon flew around Canada.

Aeroflot and other Russian airlines that fly internationally have had to cancel many routes due to the imposed flight bans. Huge detours are often necessary on routes to destinations in countries where they are still allowed to travel.

Flights from the Caribbean to Moscow normally cross the European continent towards the Russian capital, but now opt for a route around Scandinavia. The flight time is therefore approximately one hour longer.

American planes
Incidentally, the United States has not imposed a ban on Russian aircraft in the airspace. Russian planes can therefore still fly through American airspace and land at American airports. Conversely, American airliners still use Russian airspace.


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